Online EMR Features

Maintain Your Clinical and Patient Records Online and Access It from anywhere around the World.

  • Email Patient Report
  • SMS / Email Patient Reminder
  • Auto Scheduling
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Auto Drug Dose Calculation
  • Bill Tracking
  • Management Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Referral Management
  • Medical And Drug Database
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Alert / Reminders
  • Electronic stock ordering
  • Acounts Management
  • SMS And Email Alert

Welcome to Healthlink Infosystems

healthlink infosystems Doctor With Computer Serving the needs of pediatricians is at the heart of everything we do. It's no surprise that Healthlink Infosystems was conceived and developed by the help provided by well known pediatricians. We understand the unique challenges faced by pediatric practices, as Healthlink Infosystems team has been guided from day one by the pediatricians and those who use it every day in their own practices.

It's that experiential insight and singular focus on pediatrics that has propelled Healthlink Infosystems to become a leading Pediatric EMR (Paedi-Link) solution provider. As a result, we understand pediatricians and their practice more intuitively than any other solution provider. Every feature in Pediatric EMR has been accessed, highly scrutinized and hence approved by our panel of pediatric advisors. New features are prioritized on the basis of how vital they are for pediatric needs. You can say, your colleagues are always looking over our shoulders.

angry Doctor With Computer Most commercial EMR offer highly complex solutions which are mostly underused or not properly implemented in clinical practice. And you end up paying a lot for the features you do not need or does not exactly suit your practice. Further, data extraction for analysis and customized reporting to facilitate practice based research and process improvements are either not possible or are difficult to do when your data is outside your reach. Therefore we believe simply that "one size does not fit all!!!".

You run your practice in your own way with different consultation forms, prescription, advice and data that you capture in your day to day medical practice. Your personal touch and the things you do is what differentiate you from other doctors. So why compromise and negotiate with your day to day practice, when you can customize Healthlink Infosystems EMR to your own day to day practice.


Contact us today to see how we can help you provide better healthcare for your patients.

Paedi-link Online Subscription Pricing

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Modules included in my subscription?

No condition apply. When you sign up with Healthlink Infosystems, you can pay monthly or half yearly or yearly and get access to all of our great features, including support and training.

Online EMR Appointment Alert
Consultation MIS User
SMS Email Accounts
Referral Payments Inventory
Immunization Vaccination Prescription Drug
Doctor Clinic Print Layout

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. If you ever think that Paedi-link isn't the best Pediatric EMR for you, you can cancel your subscription with no extra cost. We will even return all of your data back to you, free of charge.

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Latest News

Healthlink Infosystems Launches PAEDI-LINK (For Paediatricians).

Healthlink Infosystems Launches LAB-LINK (For Laboratories).

Now PAEDI-LINK Available in Multi-Language (English / Hindi / Marathi / Kannada / Gujarati / Malayalam / Telugu and Many More Languages).

Comming Soon MEDI-LINK (For Specialized General Practitioners).

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Only SMS / Email require the Internet. The remaining application will run locally on your PC or your LAN.
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